Karen Group 2

JET are now pleased to announce that as well as Apprenticeships we are now offering Traineeships.  A Traineeship is a great way for learners to get into the industry of their choice.  It will provide people aged 16-18 a tailor-made package of support that will give them the confidence, essential skills such as customer service, employability skills and work experience to then go on and achieve an apprenticeship.  This is a great way for young people to get the right skills to hold down a job later on.

The aim of the programme is to help those young people who are motivated by work, but whose lack of experience often means they fall short of employer expectations.  With a mixture of training and work experience it will make these learners attractive to employers and competitive for apprenticeships or for other jobs with training.

A Traineeship is a huge step forward in making sure young people without a job or training opportunity are better equipped to find either an apprenticeship or other type of worthwhile employment.

Not only is a Traineeship beneficial for the learner but it is a great opportunity for employers.  As well as having the extra help around the salon it means they are able to see if that learner is best suited for that salon and their clientele.  Once their traineeship is over the employer is then in the position to offer them an apprenticeship if there is a position available.

A Traineeship doesn’t just offer the right skills for the learner but it enables them to really think if the training and work experience they’ve received is the career they want to pursue without having to commit before they’ve tried it.

What’s the difference between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship?

Apprenticeships are a great way to enter the workforce.  They provide practical, hands-on, accredited training while you’re working and you earn whilst you learn.  You must be employed working a minimum of 30 hours to start an apprenticeship.  Training can be delivered in the salon, at a training academy or both, depending on the needs of each individual learner.

Like apprenticeships, you learn on the job and will gain great work experience.  Traineeships ‘bridge the gap’ between education and the world of work as some employers are concerned that school leavers aren’t fully prepared for work straight from leaving school.  A Traineeship will not give you a qualification but everything you need to feel confident in order to apply for an apprenticeship and succeed!