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Did you know that there is a shortage of people wanting to start a career in hairdressing? In fact it has reached such a low that there are National Campaigns to encourage a shift and to reach out to potential Apprentices.

At JET Hairdressing Academy this was one of the major considerations leading to us to change our delivery method. We don’t envisage an instant fix but we want to desperately be part of these campaigns. We want to contribute to a learning experience in such a way that the Apprentices will never want to leave such an exciting industry!

JET through their own development and experiences believe that the journey of an Apprentice can only be successful when there is a strong, combined working relationship with the employer. JET is NOT a college, we are a Training Provider with 20 years of experience specialising in Hairdressing and Barbering Apprentieships.

‘By changing nothing, nothing changes’

JET would love you and your organisation to be on board and we look forward to working with you in cultivating a new, passionate breed of creative Hair Artists!

Let’s make a difference!

The Struggle is Real!

There is currently a National Shortage of young people entering Apprenticeships in the U.K. This is having a knock on effect to the Hairdressing Industry. We need to encourage young people into our fabulous inclusive industry.


Why hire an Apprentice?

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How to hire an Apprentice

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