COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

Every year thousands of workers are made ill by hazardous substances that can result in health problems such as asthma, cancer and skin disease such as dermatitis.

As an employer we must take effective measures to control exposure and protect health.

Wet work and using chemicals can cause dermatitis.  Even natural products such as Henna can cause dermatitis.  Inform staff “how” to protect their hands.

Finding out which products are safest to use

  • Ask your supplier or sales representative for a safety data sheet
  • Check product information that came with products ordered for use in the salon
  • Check trade press, such as the journal for health and safety information
  • Check the Internet, such as HSE’s website pages

How a substance may cause harm

  • Breathing in fumes such as bleach dust
  • Direct contact with the skin
  • Swallowing
  • Contact with the eyes
  • Through an open wound

It seems unlikely that anyone would swallow a hairdressing product, however people transfer chemicals from their hands to their mouths by eating or smoking without washing their hands first.

Safety data sheet

Most products we use in the hairdressing industry can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

A safety data sheet from your product supplier will inform you of the dangers.  If you are unsure how to use a product safely ask the supplier how!